Nadlan Spain January 29, 2016

Was creating Landing Page, from PSD to WordPress, use Avada Theme. Full Responsive. Connect to Responder API.

Sun Fun Tours January 29, 2016

Created a pages site based on the PSD layouts. – Was used adaptive layout for correct display of the site on a device with different extensions. – Used foundation offcanvas menu for devices and stylized it. – Developed functionality, that making it necessary for the selection of certain pages (all tours, by category, in groups, a list of tours by month at your nearest year (listing page)). – Was developed a calendar with a list of tour dates. – Add, delete,…


Work with the site WordPress. Made CSS changes to the site.Was work with woocommers template. Made change style for mobile devices. Adding fields and custom export in the admin panel tribe-event-tickets. Used: php, css3, html5, jQuery, WordPress, MySQL, Woocommers

ACCESS WORKERS March 20, 2014

Modifications on WordPress site. Creation of a custom plugin. Used: CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, jQuery, PHP.

ONERIS March 20, 2014

Was been created a subsidiary, theme to the GENESIS framework, converted with PSD to WordPress. Displaying all the necessary options in the admin panel, all the widgets, plug-ins and customized caching system, was made SEO optimization. Used: php, jquery, html5, css3, WordPress

CHILDREN’S EVENTS March 20, 2014

Сreating wordpress-theme from scratch. Convert with psd to WordPress. Used: html5, css3+svg, jquery, php, WordPress.

MAN SPREAD March 20, 2014

Was created a site from scratch, convert with PSD to WordPress. Create a custom theme with full functionality and options in the admin panel Used: php, css3, javascript, jQuery, html5, WordPress

PURE MOTIONS March 20, 2014

The work was with wordpress site. Are made modifications on the site. Creating a custom post type. Creating a custom wish list. Fixes a responsive. Used: php, jquery, css3, html5

CBC RESTAURANT March 20, 2014

Integration owl carousel in secondary navigation menu. Distribution display posts between the pages through post tags. Used: php, css3, html5, jQuery, WordPress

MENSTRUAL CUP March 19, 2014

Worked as with a database in interspire shopping cart and WordPress. Was change templates, as well as adding of the functional Back End to the admin panel Used: php, css3, MySQL, html5, jQuery.